Cat in Beast Mode


Cat ready to attack a plant that person is holding.           ©Vladimir Pustovit November 21, 2014

Cat turns beast intro

Most of us have been scratched by one of these soft, cute little furballs at least once in our lives. You reach your hand in with an object so you can get a funny reaction, next thing you know, your wrist has just been sliced and you feel the burn. In this case for the one behind the camera, he was going for an awesome hysterical action shot of a house cat, while the one risking his hand to be sliced open by holding the plant is looking for some cheap entertainment.

And so the importance of this photo… 

I would say the elements used in this photo helped capture the perfect action shot of this cat. I will start off by stating that it was used with a quick shutter speed of 1/250 allowing the cat to appear as frozen and no blur.The image has many eye-catching features. It first gets the viewers attention by the readiness of the cats face to pounce on the colored plant. There is also the bright yellow eyes of the cat that stand out from the brown blurred background and the brown fur. It is even such a clear, subject focused photo that you can see the texture of the cat’s paws which stand out from its brown fur.

Photo attraction

Well of course who doesn’t love cats? they are cute and cuddly, but at the same time can be vicious. So, when you get to see a house cat on its wild side like this it is very enjoyable. If you’re a cat lover like me then you should find this photo beautiful as it shows all the perfect sides of a house cat. You see the cuteness in the fur and the ears tilted backwards, and you see the dark side of its cat family by the big bold eyes and sharp claws sticking out.

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